Vile Shadows

Bad Omen

Side-Story Event

Sypheros 4, 1423

Eiremis could still feel the strain of having exhausted his magic as he made his way down the cobblestone path leading to the large mansion owned by his would-be father-in-law, Argus Weaver. It worried him that Argus had not been seen in the past few days. The notes he found in that secret room only made that worried feeling worse. Eiremis stretched his arms out to his sides and gave a small yawn. The wounds he’d suffered at the teeth and claws of the werewolves earlier still ached a little, despite Faylor and Ambrose’s healing powers. Just ahead, he could see the wrought iron gate leading into the Weaver mansion’s courtyard. It swung open easily and he stepped through. As he stepped into the house, the eerie silence rang in his ears. He swallowed in a subconscious attempt to keep his heart out of his throat. “Ellyria!” he called, but she didn’t answer. Stopping at the bottom of the staircase, he gave himself a moment to think. He called out again, “Ellyria! Where are you?”

No answer.

He was sure something was wrong now and took the stairs up to the second floor two at a time. Walking at a brisk pace, Eiremis found the door to Ellyria’s door wide open and she was nowhere to be found. Then it hit him. The reason something felt wrong. The front door was unlocked and he knew for certain that he’d locked it behind him when he left earlier in the day. He had given Ellyria express instructions not to leave the house for any reason. She had no real reason to leave unless something was wrong, for that matter. He searched her room, but found no signs of struggle. “Argus. What are you up to?” He said to himself as the sinking feeling in his stomach worsened. Mentally, he called Corvin to him and checked his bag for his wands—they were his only resource now.

His tools in hand, Eiremis left the mansion once more, sending Corvin out to bring his allies to him.



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