Vile Shadows

Hunting Mistakes

Eiremis' Journal

Sypheros 9, 1423

Early Morning

Following our victory over Samael and a short rest to recover from the ordeal, my allies and I set out immediately to track down the beast that escaped Kingdale a few days ago. The first night of our trip, we encountered a half-elf woman by the name of Kerry, and her exceedingly large jaguar companion. According to Faylor, the big cat charged through camp first—for what reason, I cannot fathom. I gather Kerry thought it a masterful plan to gauge our abilities before she approached. Faylor naturally struck out against it at the first opportunity. I cannot say I blame him, given the size of the thing. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how well we get along with her. Bondel was definately an odd one, but she seems even more so.

The next morning we hurried along as fast as we could, and with Kerry helping us track the creature, we managed to gain ground much quicker. It wasn’t long before we came upon the village of Hawick. The place was devastated. It was not hard to imagine the cause. We lingered there a little too long, as the poor unfortunates who had fallen victim to the beast’s attacks rose from death and attacked us. Once we had laid the victims to rest once more, we set out to continue tracking the beast. Eventually we lost sight of the tracks and were forced to guess the beast’s destination. Our guess turned out to be correct because, earlier in the evening we met the beast once more, but this time we were prepared to face it. I opened with the first attack as soon as I came within range of the creature, blasting it with as much lightning as I could manage. In an effort to end the battle quickly, I exhausted myself and, while I dealt quite an impressive blow to the creature, I managed to draw its ire toward myself. It proceeded to take advantage of my exhaustion and beat me to a pulp. Just as my allies were at the end of their ropes, I managed to gather myself and gave the creature one last blast of lightning, severing its hold on the world of the living.

With the beast defeated and the town saved, we all went to explain the situation to Nolan, the assumed head of town. He did not believe our initial warnings, but when he saw that we had risked our lives to save the town, he was grateful.

It is now morning, and I wonder where our destiny will lead us today.




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