Vile Shadows

The Caliban and Returning to Kingdale

Eiremis' Journal

Sypheros 3, 1423

Early Afternoon

The Hart’s Cross has arrived in Kingdale. It is good to be home, but being here certainly brings back some grievous memories. I should point out that our exit from Ettermoor proved to be interesting. The mighty warlord who rules the land seems to have some terrible fear of arcane magic. Without knowledge of my abilities, Kharne confronted our party as we were preparing to leave two weeks ago. He kept referring to Faylor as Rakov, the name of some great warrior that bested him in the past. Kharne repeatedly challenged Faylor to a duel, saying that he would either fight Faylor alone in a duel or kill us all. Faylor’s evasiveness eventually wore on the warlord’s patience, which resulted in Kharne’s lashing out with his axe. Once the ruckus began, I nudged Ellyria and soon every one of us were running for our lives. I had done my best to conceal my magical aptitude from the people of Ettermoor, but the instant I saw the man approach Ellyria after she stumbled and fell, I had no choice but to reveal myself.

To my surprise, after my lightning bolt struck the man, he crumpled to the ground and begged that I spare him, offering me a position as his court mage. I mulled it over for a moment before replying that I will give it some thought if he allowed myself and my associates to leave in peace in order to deal with more pressing matters. He agreed and we were allowed to gather our things and leave, not without the watchful eye of Kharne’s aide on us, however. On the way out, I requested that the aide deliver a message to Marco. Hopefully he will be able to decipher the language I wrote it in.

That was not all that befell our party in Ettermoor, however. The night before our confrontation with Kharne, we broke into a warehouse owned by some caliban “merchants” who were in the business of selling a variety of monstrous body parts to whoever would be inclined to purchase them. Everything went fine until Faylor—or “Rakov”, if Kharne is to be believed—and I were attacked by two beasts that I managed to identify as gibbering mouthers. Wretched creatures covered in mouths that attempt to debilitate and then devour their pray. I quickly got to the high ground while the others went toe-to-toe with the creatures. Terrible creatures, really, with a talent for spitting gruesome blinding agents into the eyes of their opponents. Shortly after the fight began, we managed to kill the creatures only to be greeted by the two caliban who ran the warehouse. We attempted to negotiate peacefully with them, but we were forced to resort to intimidation, which seemed to do the trick—at least for one of them. Luckily, Bondel was able to keep the one less susceptible to our intimidation busy while Ambrose and I dealt with the other.

Ambrose and I tussled with the caliban for a moment before he called out for help, which prompted their pet to attack us. A massive hulk called a gray render. An interesting beast with a penchant for attaching itself to less physically-capable creatures. Even providing food for them under certain circumstances. We did battle with the beast before Ambrose finally managed to slay the thing. The braver of the two caliban died in the struggle as well, leaving us with his cowardly associate. Ambrose questioned him about this Samael character that he and his mentor have been searching for. We gathered that he was headed to Kingdale, which brings us to where we are now.

Argus seems to be doing okay. He did not ask me about Ellyria when we arrived. I can tell he is still under a lot of stress. He made a point of giving me the key to Branwen’s room. It is the coldest room in the entire house.

I have made it a point to keep Ellyria from wandering around too much. I will have to take care to keep her away from Branwen’s room as well.




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