Ambrose Morgan

Street urchin turned paladin of Ezra.


Ambrose Morgan
Rogue 1/Paladin 5/Shadowbane Inquisitor 2

HP: 74
AC: 13
BAB: +7

STR 17 +3
DEX 12 +1
CON 14 +2
INT 8 -1
WIS 12 +1
CHA 16 +3

FORT 12 – 7 2 3
REF 7 – 3 1 3
WILL 5 – 1 1 3

Feats(4- one human, one starting, one level, one flaw)
Power Attack phb ( attack -> damage )
Improved Smiting cd (smite overcomes DR as though good, +1d6 damage)
Extra Smiting cw ( +2 smites per day )
Extra Smiting cw ( +2 smites per day )
Devoted Inquisitor

Inattentive (-4 spot, listen) – Ambrose is either too busy taking in the sights, or obsessing over some minor flaw in his armor to notice very many small details. This is a relatively new problem for him, and one that his mentor has been trying to hammer out unsuccessfully.

Full Plate (1500gp) +8 +1 -6 50 lb
Masterwork Greatsword (350gp) 2d6 19-20/x2 8lb slashing
150 gp
Dagger (2gp) 1d4 19-20/x2 1 lb piercing or slashing
Exordius, Weapon of Legacy

Sneak attack 1d6
Smite evil 6/day
Turn Undead 6/day
Aura of Good
Detect Evil
Divine Grace
Lay on Hands
Frightful Presence


Ambrose spent most of his life as an orphan on the streets, scrounging and stealing for whatever he could to get by. His conscience told him it was wrong, but he had to survive somehow. Some years ago, he was caught stealing by an older man, who took him in and revealed himself to be a paladin. Sensing the boy’s innate good, he trained him in his own profession, instructing him in faith and weapons.

1. What do you look like?
Ambrose is a tall and charismatic young man just entering into his twentieth year. He is muscular but agile, and wears his armor with confidence and pride. His skin is lightly tanned, his hair dirty blonde, and his eyes a light blue. His appearance is always well kept, and he painstakingly keeps a noble posture.

2. Where is your family?
Deceased/unknown. Ambrose has been on his own almost his entire life. The closest thing to a family he remembers is his relationship with his mentor, the paladin Vincent Ward.

2a.Where is your homeland?
Kingdale, Estus.

3. What is your greatest love?
His faith. Ambrose led a life of uncertainty. When Sir Ward taught him the faith, he found a strength and purpose in his life that he had never had before.

4. What is your greatest regret?
While there is little he could have done about it, Ambrose does not look back on his days of thieving and scrounging with fondness. Despite having embraced justice, he still uses his old talents to full effect- just with a bit of wisdom and guidance.

5. What makes your skin crawl?
Rats. Many nights spent curled in a box with nothing but the rats crawling around him and nibbling at him have left him a bit emotionally scarred. His paladin’s resolve prevents him from fleeing or otherwise being too adversely affected, but he has a strong disdain for the vermin.

6. What is your greatest shame?
Ambrose’ former life as a street urchin. He rarely speaks of it, instead trying to consume himself in his new life as a shining beacon against the world’s evils. He is kind to the poor and shares a strange familiarity with them, but the truth is something he is not eager to share.

7. What fascinates you?
Everything. The paladin path has opened new avenues to explore, and he is eager to do so. Cleaned up and emboldened, all things are new to him. He’s been struck by the rod often enough not to show open wonder at these things, but internally every new tree, every person he meets, and every new location he passes through is lit by a brilliant light in his eyes.

8. What are your habits?
Ambrose is neat to a fault and minor imperfections frustrate him. His armor is very well-maintained, his sword polished to a gleam, and every implement and tool in its proper place.

9. What are your secrets?
Ambrose has few secrets, beyond that of what he is. He understands the risks of being a paladin, and takes care to shroud it when he needs to. Any secrets Ambrose has beyond that are secrets even to himself- boys on the street rarely acquire secrets worth knowing.

10. Are you rational or passionate?
A mix. He’s been well trained in his mannerisms and the like, but he often is ruled by his emotions.

11. Are you sophisticated or superstitious?
Not much of either. He didn’t grow up with stories of horrendous things, nor did he grow up with a particularly polished education. He knows only what he encountered on the streets, or the stories of Ward’s heroic acts in the past.

12. How strong is your faith?
Very. It’s all he has, beyond his own abilities.

13. How self confident are you?
Moderately. His faith fuels him, but he is new to being a paladin and upholding justice. He knows his own limits well, and can handle himself in a social situation fine.

14. What drives you to adventure?
After being trapped in a city for so long with no means to leave, he is eager to test his new skills and see the world. He wishes to fight the injustice that led to his own condition, as well as anything that would bring harm to others. He is led by his heart, his sword, and the paladin’s tome he carefully brings with him wherever he goes.

Ambrose Morgan

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