Faylor the Unknown


Hi. I’m Faylor and I have no clue as to who I am. You see about five years ago I was found wandering in the wilderness in the morning hours. A woman Esmeralda found me and was shocked to see me naked in the wilderness. She asked me my name and I thought it was on the tip of my tongue but apparently it wasn’t. So she took me to the clerics of Baldur and they tried to heal me. After several attempts they told me there must be some reason for not remembering and that until I could figure it out they had no idea. I asked if I could stay and learn their ways. The said yes and I quickly found I had a knack for being a cleric, I was a sponge soaking in every bit of knowledge that they immediately accepted me and began to ask other orders if they had lost a convert.

If this brief piece of history is all there was to my tale then I would have been able to be happy to be a cleric and study and heal. However, life is never that simple. And I was hopelessly in love with Esmeralda, her dark hair and smile. She was witty and we flirted for months before I noticed her staring off into the distance. I asked around. Apparently, her heart belonged to a paladin who had left a year ago and had not been heard from since.

I found her alone one day weeping in a meadow. I tried to comfort her and asked her if there was anything I could do. She said nothing so I tried to kiss her, couldn’t help myself. At first she kissed back but then she said no she couldn’t begin to love another until she knew exactly what happened to her former lover. And so now I’m off to find her love and find my own heart. And maybe who I am in the process.

Faylor the Unknown

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