Kerry Locke

A wild looking half-elf with platium hair and amethyst eyes, hiding a fiery demenor. Who is both intimidating and enthralling at the same time.

Kerry Locke

Medium Half-Elf
Ranger 5/Sorcerer(Fey) 3/Arcane Archer 2
HP 83
Initiative +3
Abilities STR 8; DEX 17; CON 10; INT 12; WIS 11; CHA 20
AC Touch ; Flatfooted
BAB 8/3; Melee +5; Ranged +11;
CMB 7/CMD 20
Alignment CG


Kerry’s Animal Companion and Familiar Large Animal (Jaguar, Big Cat)

  1. Kerry has a wild winsome enchanting rugged beauty like you would expect to find in nature; she definitely is not the refined prim and proper beauty of a noble court. She has platinum blond hair that in the moonlight shows her fey heritage by having a faint indigo hue to it, and always slightly disheveled. She amethyst eyes and lightly tanned skin as from some one who spends time outdoors. Her clothing seems to be worn more out of politeness of others than out of any sense of style and decorum; they are functional leather and cloth worn tightly and with a daring flirtatiousness that befits her wild fey nature. She has no real distinguish scars except the calloused hands of an archer. She does however have a small tattoo on the back of the neck just below the hair that is never shown.
  2. Kerry was raise by her maternal grandfather, Nieal, and elven wizard and enchanter, with the elves near Estus. She was told that her father was killed shortly after her birth was from Scotia, but her mother, she only knows her name Maili, has never been spoken of in her grandfathers house; the subject is taboo. The one time she asked he let loose a spell that blew the door off the wall and her right out of the house and she was told to stay out for a week. She now has a small cabin deep, though she very rarely stays there, in the woods near Estus not far from the elves them selves.
  3. Kerry is a woman of very deep passions and courage but the two things she holds dearest are her own personal freedom and she still cares very deeply for a previous lover though she won’t admit it. She is also very protective of nature especially the forests. Also she is very attached to Animal companion Darcy she is a Melanistic Jaguar.
  4. Her greatest regret stems from a failed love affair with one of her grandfathers students Riona, who was studding to be a wizard. She has had lovers since Riona but she has never been able to get her out of her mind. She also has an inner anger and rage in her that she keeps hidden under a guise of frivolity and wild carefree lifestyle.
  5. Seeing the destruction of natural world makes her skin crawl but not with fear but with anger, slavery is the same way. But to really make her skin craw put her in a really small space and deny her the ability to move. She despises the church of Lenus, not so much Lenus himself, but his clergy to the point of wishing them harm or attempting to mess with them when she can.
  6. Her biggest shame is her cowardice in her inability to resolve her disagreement with Riona give that is over such a petty thing to start with and the fact that she is less than a hours walk from her cabin. Also that her grandfather refused to teach her magic and she went out and learned it on her own as if it was second nature to her. This greatly stressed their relationship but not beyond repair they have come to terms with her magic use.
  7. Nature and Magic fascinates Kerry. She has been know to stand naked in the cool stillness of the morning and enjoy the warming rays of the sun on her body, just the same after a activity she may find a calm glade and let the cool breeze blow the glinting sweat from her nude form. But the wild free natural world enthralls her. The same could be said with magic watching her grandfather and his students she never enjoyed the intricacies of the arcane arts but the uses and displays suited her wild nature.
  8. She is a bit of a prankster and enjoys messing with people, and has been know to randomly shoot arrows in to things and stuff as she travels. She really enjoys baths in springs and pools always in nature under the moon light when the mists aren’t too thick.
  9. She is very passionate almost to point where it is a bit! of a problem. Things she loves she LOVES and things she hates she HATES and everything else she just doesn’t care about.
  10. Kerry hides a rage from the world she doesn’t know where she gets it maybe from her mother or somewhere else but it is there. She indulges in her passions to keep it in check but it peeks though on occasion. And she guards the secrets of the elves who have been kind to her. She is left handed.
  11. Kerry is not really superstitious and her wild nature belies a rather sophisticated upbringing she can be at home at court if need be she just ain’t going to like it. But she would think twice about encouraging a superstitious person that’s just good fun to her.
  12. Kerry really has no faith she views the gods as having failed the world but she revere nature and is not disposed against the gods just usually just doesn’t bother with them.
  13. She is ridiculously self-confident in every thing but Riona.
  14. Kerry is and adrenalin junkie be it Adventure, Life, Love, Sex, and anything else she is always looking for a thrill almost to the point one might say she has a deathwish, but in truth she just really enjoys life, even with here own problems.

Kerry Locke

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