Classes within the World

Heroes come in many forms. Some heroes, such as barbarians and fighters, are well suited for battling physical foes. Spellcasters, such as clerics and wizards, wield their numerous talents against more spiritual threats. Some heroes, such as bards and rogues, can be invaluable during investigations or exploration.

Player characters shouldn’t be exempt from the effects of living in the world. Each realm embodies its darklord, just as each darklord symbolizes his realm. This influence trickles down through the realm’s society, reaching everyone – including player characters – to a certain extent.

Each person who adventures feels the weight of living and working in a land ruled by darkness, even though they may not realize the source of their burden. The Dark Powers cast their shadow over everything in the world, making each class vulnerable in some way to the miasma of evil and corruption. This is shown in the various weaknesses depicted in each class shown below.

There is always a chance that a character’s actions carve a path toward darkness. Both overwhelming evil and great good coexist and the triumph of one over the other ultimately rests upon the choices and actions of the player characters. All class features altered are listed below. Any class features not listed function normally.

Classes within the World

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