Domains and Countries

There are a variety of countries and city-states in the world, each with their own customs and culture.

Estus – Population 185,800

Estus is a land of rolling hills and plains. Primarily a country of farmers and merchants, but they have a more than capable military force. They have been at war with Rostov for the past 50 years, the two armies clashing in the borderland wastes between the countries. Estus hopes to expand into the borderlands to rebuild what was once there. They are ruled by a king and queen who are generally well liked by the people. Much of their trading is done with Scotia and the city-state of Friedland to the south. The capital of Estus is Kingdale.

Rostov – Population 247,600

Rostov is typically a very flat land with a large forest dividing it in the middle. They are known for incredibly harsh winters. Rostov is a very militaristic country ruled by a dictator of sorts. They are always trying to expand their borders. They have tried to claim the borderland wastes where the great calamity occurred. They have been met with the resistance of Estus as well as the demons and devils that inhabit it. They do not trade very often but they have been known to occasionally deal with Hikuni and Themis. The capital of Rostov is Drezna.

Themis – Population 148,300

Themis is a land very similar to Mediterranean countries in our own world. Themis is mainly a country of merchants and traders, openly trading with all countries and city states within reason. They are ruled by a council of seven, all wealthy merchants and nobles. Themis culture is centered around Themian success. Always looking to be the best at what they do and always looking to garner profit from their deals. Some believe that the council are all corrupt, only looking out for their own success and profit. The capital of Themis is Nacenium.

Minanaea – Population 129,400 (including undead)

A desert land of barren wastes and an arid climate. The only water source comes from the Edjut River or the occasional oasis. Minanaea is ruled openly by a lich know as Sen. Sen has ruled Minanaea for 300 years. He rules the country as a dictator, forcing many Minanaeans into slave labor or to fill the ranks of his army. All who have stood against him have been destroyed. Minanaea trades with Themis and Jiuzhou, with Sen personally overseeing all trade agreements. The deals usually come out in a way to provide Sen with more power or resources. The capital of Minanaea is Araret.

Scotia – Population 94,200

Scotia is a land primarily of mountains and arctic wastes. Scotia is primarily a land of warriors and hunters. All their trade is done with Estus and Rostov. The largest mountain is Erifell mountain and many warriors of Scotia are to climb it at some point in their lives. Scotia is ruled by a king. Scotia is also home to several barbarian tribes. Although it is a land of warriors and barbarians they have had no recent conflicts with other countries, their struggles are comprised mostly of infighting. The capital of Scotia is Bandholm.

Hikuni – Population 79,400

Hikuni is a land of feudal lords, warriors, and farmers. Hikuni is ruled by an emperor with several lords serving under him. Hikuni has been at war with Jiuzhou for the past 400 years. Hikuni is a land of plains and farmland. They are generally self-sufficient and don’t trade with many countries. They have closed borders only trading when it is necessary. As for the past 400 years, they are focused on their enemies next door, Jiuzhou. The capital of Hikuni is Okokawa.

Jiuzhou – Population 142,500

Jiuzhou is a land of forests and primarily merchants. Being at war with Hikuni for the past 400 years has put a strain on their trade routes due to encounters on shipping lanes. They are under the rule of Empress Mao Chen, and have been for 150 years. She is said to be a kind ruler but shows signs of cruelty when it comes to keeping Jiuzhou safe. There are rumors of the empress actually being a Dragon who came into power when assassins from Hikuni murdered the previous emperor. None of these claims have yet to be proven, some can trace the lineage of the empress, but many are curious how it appears as if she has never aged a single day. The capital of Jiuzhou is Rizhaing.

Friedland – Population 31,200

Lying directly across the gulf from Estus. Friedland is a city run by a lord. It also the home to many wealthy and powerful merchants. The city’s architecture is similar to medieval German. It has a few outlying villages and towns that rely on the city for protection. Despite being a city-state of merchants, they have a formidable military force. There are rumors of another power secretly controlling the city from the shadows. These rumors are silenced before any real evidence is found however.

Ettermoor – Population 13,600

Directly south of Themis across the inlet sea. Ettermoor is ruled by an evil warlord. He rules with an Iron Fist, many people who question his authority are made an example of in public. They openly trade with Themis and merchants from Windwick. The warlord has tried on several occasions to expand his borders further south, gaining significant ground over recent years. They have been met with resistance from Pampenos. This warlord has taken on a force of soldiers from Pampenos almost single-handedly.

Pampenos – Population 26,100

A city of tradesmen and crafters. Pampenos is mainly a free independent city, with most power held by the wealthiest business owners. The city guard has been very strict on crime and securing its borders due to Ettermoor. Pampenos trades with Friedland, Themis, and Estus. They are also known as a capital for pirates. Despite the presence of the City Guard, they hold no real power in the Docks District. The city’s architecture is similar to Spanish architecture. Pampenos is to the Southwest of Ettermoor.

Windwick – Population unknown

Almost no information is known about Windwick. Merchants leave Windwick to trade with other countries and domains, but visitors are usually unwelcome. All that is known is that Windwick is ruled by a lord and lies directly across the ocean from Ettermoor.

The Borderlands – Population 58,000 (comprised of Devils, Demons, and Fiends)

The Borderlands are the barren wastes dividing Estus and Rostov. It is the site where many of the two countries’ battles take place. There are two ruined cities in the borderlands that were destroyed during the great calamity. The largest mountain in all the lands lies in these forsaken lands. It is known as Mount Bering. There is also a large crevice in the lands where the devils and demons poured into the world over 500 years ago.

Domains and Countries

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