Magic Items

The Dark Powers hold magic items to the same changes and limitations as spells. If a magic item has a power that duplicates a spell effect, it suffers the same alterations as that spell. Magic Items are incredibly rare in the realms due to people’s fear of magic. Thus, magic shops do not exist for the most part. Many magic items are sealed away by people who find them, or have been long forgotten in ancient tombs or strongholds. If the player’s do manage to stumble upon a magic shop of sorts or contract a wizard to make an item, the item comes at an increased cost due to the dangers of making the item.

Special Abilities

Any aspect of a Dungeon Master’s Guide special ability not listed here performs normally.

Disruption – Undead creatures get a +2 bonus on their Fortitude save.
Etherealness – See Ethereal.
Ghost Touch – This ability performs normally. As a note, fusing material objects to their own ethereal resonance creates these items.
Spell Storing – Storing a spell incurs the same chance of failing a powers check as casting it.
Unholy – Crafting these items requires a powers check.

Intelligent Items

Intelligent magic items can be a powerful source of evil. Many evil artifacts possess at least some manner of rudimentary cunning, allowing them to appeal to the base nature of their possessors. Evil items get a +5 bonus to their Ego score. If an evil item succeeds at dominating its possessor, there is a 50% chance that the item presents itself to the nearest darklord, seeking a more worthy owner.

Magic Items

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