Outcast Rating

Most folks live and die within a score of miles from their birthplace and can spend their entire lives without ever knowingly encountering the supernatural. When combined with cultures rich in suspicion and superstition, the result is xenophobia. This is expressed as an Outcast Rating (OR), which may modify the Difficulty Class of social skill checks performed by any character who appears unnatural or out of place.

Race, social standing, physical deformities or even the gear carried can modify a character’s Outcast Rating. As a character’s OR rises, NPC reactions towards them turn from standoffish to fearful.

An Outcast Rating applies as a circumstance penalty on Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information and Perform checks, but it applies as a bonus on Intimidate checks. Outcast Rating modifiers never apply when dealing with friends or allies, such as other PCs, or others who share the source of your OR modifiers, such as other members of your own race.

Outcast Rating reflects only first reactions; it is possible to improve one’s standing. For each good deed a character performs (stopping a crime, defeating a monster preying on the community, helping a farmer harvest crops and so on), that individual dispels some of the surrounding community’s fear; their OR drops in that community by one point, to a minimum of 0.

Some domains may impose their own OR modifiers.

Base Outcast Ratings

Human – 0
Caliban – 5
Dwarf – 3
Elf – 3
Gnome – 2
Half-Elf – 1
Halfling – 1

Outcast Rating

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