Table Rules and Etiquette

Please, no electronic devices except for cell phones. Laptops are strictly forbidden except for use by the DM.

When it is not your turn, please be courteous and patient with other players.

Have your combat actions ready when your turn comes up. This will speed up play when we don’t have to wait for you to decide what you are going to do. I will skip you if you are not ready.

Please do not have critical hits already resolved. While I want you to be ready, please do not jump the gun on critical hits. I will check confirmation of all critical hits.

Please do not leave the table if you aren’t in the spotlight. Please do not discuss other games or read books during the session. Before or after is fine.

Party Conflict – If it comes down to a major disagreement, I have no problems with the party settling it amongst themselves. However, if the rest of the party agrees on something other than what you want, it would be in your best interests to go along with the rest of the party. If you still oppose them, you may plead your case, but please do it with logical reasoning, not just because “This is what I want to do.”

If a disagreement occurs due to a rule, I will make the final decision. Please do not debate the decision if it’s not what you wanted. I will ask you to leave.

Guests are not allowed at sessions without first getting the DM’s permission. I will ask them to leave if I was not told to expect them.

If you miss a session you may not level if the party levels that night. You will level at the end of the next session most likely. If you fail to roleplay or act accordingly you may also not level.

Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil alignments are strictly forbidden.

Table Rules and Etiquette

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